How To Get That Modern Looking Quilt


Suddenly everyone wants a quilt with a modern design or print. Are you also tempted to buy one? Do you know that these modern prints can be easily created at home too? If you are all game to stitch a modern design onto a quilt using some very simple techniques, read on and set to work immediately.

Use unusual color combinations
Have you seen modern art or paintings? There is no specific pattern for a color or no commonly seen color combinations there. Use the same technique in your quilt. Check out magazines or pinterest for more ideas on how to mix and match colors.

Incorporate Solid fabrics
Make use of solid fabrics to decorate your quilt. Make definite patches with solid colors that stand out. This will make your quilt get a neutral look which is the trend nowadays. It is a good idea to leave blank spaces in between the solid fabrics. This will attract people who look at the quilt. You can also create specific patterns with the solids or choose any two colors with a repetitive pattern.

Modern Quilt

Play with the block size
There is no need to follow a specific block size .This depends on your choice actually. You can either go for the same block sizes all over or you can choose a large block and incorporate designs within. Again you can randomly choose various block sizes to give a completely dazed look. When combined with extraordinary color combinations, you have a most modern looking quilt ready.

Imperfect collages
Have you noticed how collages of photographs and pictures are popping all over the place? What better ideas can you incorporate in your quilt? Choose as many fabric pieces you get, they can be any color and size. Sew them on randomly. If you are particular about a specific pattern you can follow that or you can create imperfect collages of all these tiny pieces. All together they will look creative and crafty.

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Tips For Beginners Who Want To Start With Quilt Making

stitching quilt

When you are a beginner in quilt making, you may find it a bit difficult to start out with complicated patterns. There are some easy tips with which you can practice and familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of quilting.

Patterns with large pieces
As you start working on a quilt, especially when you are a beginner, you have to go for large designs or large pieces of fabrics which require fewer efforts in sewing. Going for large patterns will ensure fewer errors too. You can practice easily with these large patterns and become an expert.

Use more squares and rectangles
Squares and rectangles are the easiest patterns to sew. You will find it hard if you choose other patterns. Triangles are also hard to work on if you are a beginner. So it is better to practice with easier blocks. You can try out various sized squares and rectangles. There are practice kits available too which will help to get more practice.

Tips For Beginners - Quilt Making

Pre cut fabrics
Get hold of some pre cut fabrics and try out designing the quilt. These packs will have designs and instructions as to how you can sew them onto the quilt. Follow the instructions given on the pack carefully. Read through these instructions and get a good idea of how to proceed.

Attend beginner classes
It is always a good idea to attend a class before you start working on a quilt. You will be able to understand the basics when you learn from with the help of an experienced person. This will give you practical knowledge too. Once you start with assistance, you will be able to clear doubts as and when they occur. There are many online courses also which offer guidance. This is handy for those of you who do not have the extra time to rush to a class.

Do not get discouraged if your first attempt doesn’t turn out to be as you imagined it. Like every other art form, this also requires patience and practice.

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The Clever Way To Piece A Quilt Backing

Quilt Backing

Most quilt fabrics are 40 by 44 inches wide. This means that when you try to make the back piecing for a quilt, several pieces may have to be joined together. It is quite difficult to get a single piece backing for an entire quilt, especially large ones. Look at a few tips to piecing quilt backing perfectly.

Tips to be followed
Make the quilt backing larger by 4 inches on all sides. This will help to adjust any shortage at a later stage.

Always use a backing calculator to determine the length and width of the batting material which will be needed. Try getting the fabric in one piece from wholesale retailers.
quilt backing 1You need to check the grain line of the fabric and join pieces to match this. So a crosswise grain will have to be matched to the crosswise grain of another fabric and not to the lengthwise grain. It is the same for lengthwise matching too.

Make sure that the pattern on the pieces of the fabric being joined match each other. If circles are included in the pattern, joining them abruptly will look awkward. In such cases, you may need to cut off an entire row and join the fabric to make it look continuous.

Such small tips will surely help you to get a piece backing which looks perfect for your quilt.

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Crazy Quilts- Use Of Embroidered Designs

Embroidered Designs

Embroidered quilts became popular since mid 1800. Ladies grew more creative and tried out various patterns and designs on their quilts. Quilts were becoming famous for not only warmth and comfort. They became areas to showcase talent and creativity.

Back in the 1800s, hand stitching was a common thing. Most of the clothes were hand stitched and people were experts in this. The art of hand stitching slowly made its way to designing quilts too. Crazy designs were gaining popularity and it is during this time that memory quilts made their appearance.

Many pieces of fabrics which were reminders of important life events, souvenirs or gifts from others were stitched into the quilt in random designs. Sometimes the seamstresses would stitch in the date of the event as well.

These were not used for the primary purpose of bedding. Rather they were preserved for decoration and memory sake. Later on these rare and crazy quilts were the source of information to all history lovers.

As women’s magazines also started gaining acceptance in many families, the ladies of the house were exposed to many more new designs and ideas. Some of the stitches used back then are still being incorporated today. The main stitches used were

· Honeycomb,
· daisy,
· perle stitch,
· herringbone,
· feather stitch,
· capped feather stitch
· Half daisy.
· French knots
· Detached wheatear

With the help of these stitches many beautiful quilts were designed. If you take a look at the industry today, you can still see many similar patterns being repeated.

Today one of the well known designers who use crazy quilting methods is Linda Atwill of Molly Mine. She has also written a book regarding the modern techniques in crazy quilting. Following the modern trends, she has adopted many themes like Christmas, Halloween etc in her designs.

Since time immemorial, crazy quilts have been around and they represent many cultures and are pictorial representations of life.

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