Tips For Beginners Who Want To Start With Quilt Making

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When you are a beginner in quilt making, you may find it a bit difficult to start out with complicated patterns. There are some easy tips with which you can practice and familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of quilting.

Patterns with large pieces
As you start working on a quilt, especially when you are a beginner, you have to go for large designs or large pieces of fabrics which require fewer efforts in sewing. Going for large patterns will ensure fewer errors too. You can practice easily with these large patterns and become an expert.

Use more squares and rectangles
Squares and rectangles are the easiest patterns to sew. You will find it hard if you choose other patterns. Triangles are also hard to work on if you are a beginner. So it is better to practice with easier blocks. You can try out various sized squares and rectangles. There are practice kits available too which will help to get more practice.

Tips For Beginners - Quilt Making

Pre cut fabrics
Get hold of some pre cut fabrics and try out designing the quilt. These packs will have designs and instructions as to how you can sew them onto the quilt. Follow the instructions given on the pack carefully. Read through these instructions and get a good idea of how to proceed.

Attend beginner classes
It is always a good idea to attend a class before you start working on a quilt. You will be able to understand the basics when you learn from with the help of an experienced person. This will give you practical knowledge too. Once you start with assistance, you will be able to clear doubts as and when they occur. There are many online courses also which offer guidance. This is handy for those of you who do not have the extra time to rush to a class.

Do not get discouraged if your first attempt doesn’t turn out to be as you imagined it. Like every other art form, this also requires patience and practice.

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